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iOS Rotary Knob & Slider controls. All custom drawing, no images, customizable.

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DCControls provides some custom controls for use in iOS 3.2+. These controls are the same as used in our app Midi Touch.

You can follow me on Twitter: @patr, and check out our commercial apps at

DCKnob (subclass of DCControl)

DCKnob Demo Image

A rotary knob with all custom drawing. Highly customizable, including:

  • Color
  • Bi-directional or normal modes
  • Arc start angle, cutout size, width
  • Gestures (double and triple tap)
  • Min/Max values
  • Label font, color, offset, or no label at all

DCSlider (subclass of DCControl)

DCSlider Demo Image

A slider with all custom drawing. Properties include:

  • Color
  • Bi-directional or normal modes
  • Corner radius
  • Min/Max values
  • Label font and color, or no label at all


Does not require any external frameworks. Simply add DCControl, DCKnob & DCSlider to your project (depending on what you want to use).

Create a control using initWithDelegate, then implement controlValueDidChange:sender: to receive control updates.


All work is under MIT license.

More Info

For more info, see

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