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steipete opened this Issue July 26, 2011 · 3 comments

4 participants

Peter Steinberger Patrick Richards Jakub Suder guoxj
Peter Steinberger

TARGET_IPHONE_SIMULATOR is defined on the device, but set to false.

So instead of

[[DCIntrospect sharedIntrospector] start];

correct is:

[[DCIntrospect sharedIntrospector] start];

Jakub Suder

+1, I've just found that the reason why the iPhone keyboard acts weird in some cases on the device is that DCIntrospect is active when it shouldn't :)


+1 yes ,the keyboard acts weird.

Patrick Richards

This is now fixed on the main branch. Pretty silly mistake to make really!

Patrick Richards domesticcatsoftware closed this October 11, 2011
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