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DemoTime - built by Danny Peck and Mark Rogers of Domestique Studios

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Tools Required:

  • Git (of course)
  • Docker
  • Python 3
  • Postgres
  • Virtualenv

Getting Started

Initial Steps:

  • Setup a new virtualenv virtualenv demotime
  • Clone this repo git clone <url> demotime/src
  • Activate the new virtualenv cd demotime && . bin/activate
  • Install the requirements cd src && pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Set up testing requirements pip install -r testing_requirements.txt
  • Set up for development python demotime/ develop

Local Python Setup - Running tests, debugging, etc:

  • Create the db python dt/ migrate
  • Set up an administrator python dt/ createsuperuser
  • Startup the server python dt/ runserver
  • Optionally: DT_URL=localhost:8008 python runserver 8008 to run on a different port and have emails still work fine
  • Login via the admin at http://localhost:8033/

Docker Setup:

  • If using Docker on Mac with Virtualbox, be sure to map port 8033
  • cd src
  • Create two Docker data volumes:
    • docker volume create --name dt_static_data
    • docker volume create --name dt_pg_data
    • docker volume create --name dt_rmq_data
  • Startup with docker-compose: invoke control_docker_dev
  • To stop the containers: invoke control_docker_dev --cmd=down
  • Login via http://localhost:8033/