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Git log parser for Node.JS


 npm install gitlog


 var gitlog = require('../')
   , options = { repo: __dirname + '/test-repo-folder'
               , number: 20
               , author: 'Dom Harrington'
               , fields: [ 'hash'
                         , 'abbrevHash'
                         , 'subject'
                         , 'authorName'
                         , 'authorDateRel'

 gitlog(options, function(error, commits) {
   // Commits is an array of commits in the repo



The location of the repo, required field.


The number of commits to return, defaults to 10.


The author who's commits to return.


An array of fields to return from the log, here are the possible options:

  • hash - the long hash of the commit e.g. 7dd0b07625203f69cd55d779d873f1adcffaa84a
  • abbrevHash - the abbreviated commit hash e.g. 7dd0b07
  • treeHash - the tree hash of the commit
  • abbrevTreeHash - the abbreviated commit hash
  • parentHashes - the parent hashes
  • abbrevParentHashes - the abbreviated parent hashes
  • authorName - author name of the commit
  • authorEmail - author email of the commit
  • authorDate - author date of the commit
  • authorDateRel - relative author date of the commit
  • committerName - committer name
  • committerEmail - committer email
  • committerDate - committer date
  • committerDateRel - relative committer date
  • subject - commit message

Defaults to 'abbrevHash', 'hash', 'subject' and 'authorName'.

How it works

This module works by executing a child process (using child_process.exec()) to the git executable, then parsing the stdout into commits. This is done using the --pretty command line option which allows you to provide a custom formatter to git log. To enable easy parsing the format is delimited by a tab (\t) character.

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