This is the Arduino sketch that I use for my Automatic Cat Feeder that I created
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Cat_Feeder is my Arduino sketch for my Automatic Cat Feeder project.

As you'll see when you look at / open the sketch, you will need to make sure you 
have the following libraries installed:
'Wire', 'RTClib', 'Time', 'TimeAlarms'. For more information on libraries, such as
where to find them, how to 'install' them, etc., see:

You're probably going to want to change a few things in the sketch to meet your specific
setup. More specifically, the 'user' constants between the 2 '// User constants' comments. 
Your requirements will most likely be different than mine (even if you use the same exact hardware).

For more information about my cat feeder project such as the specific parts, hardware, 
frequently asked questions, etc. and how it all works together, then please visit my blog, 
and click on the 'Projects' link: