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Initial Design of Execution

A toy model to crowd-form a collaborative team before tools and methodologies are developped.

  • General Interest
    • join the mail list for event notice and updates
  • Participation
    • slack: comment in mail list to get invited
      • announcement, time by time
        • meeting
        • agenda
      • IM
        • discussion suppliment
        • small group meeting progress tracking
      • resource directing
        • wiki
        • contacts
      • regular work log
        • proposal brainstorming
        • co-development log
    • hierarchical google hangout meeting: slack members
      • general meeting
        • announcement, briefing/reporting
        • instant feedback/voting
      • small group discussion, 5 per group
      • consolidating meetings
      • workflow
        • general meeting, agenda
        • small group discussion, 5 per group
        • slack consolidation per topic
        • consolidating meeting, representative, additional feedbacks
        • general meeting, report/vote
  • Contribution
    • GitHub curation/consolidation
      • meeting minutes
      • blog posts
      • development
      • management decisions
    • peer management
      • moderation
        • meeting
        • contents
        • dev tickets
      • evaluations
        • involvement
        • contribution
        • credibility

A spice about the economic scence

This is not my first priority to solve but it is important. This is only a spice about how I think might be the best interest to align the community to grow as individuals grow. Again it's a toy model open to improve. (All numbers are not justified yet.)

The added new valuation of the community will be 80% distributed to shareholders based on fulfillment to the approved request for proposal. No dilution for earned shares and the maximum dividend of any capital will be from the rest 20%. Shares can be cashed at the market value as paychecks or fund mature with a calculated delay based on the amount.

All terms will be legislated through liquid democracy when the blockchain system is implemented. Otherwise, a selected jury will be temporary act as the trustee.

What's special?

  • Institutional design to eliminate manager role for equality, while remaining the efficiency.
  • The community grows as each individual grows. The best way to grow is keeping everyone on the same page, and involved in decision making.
  • Distribution of shares will be reflected by the amount of contribution and decisions will be justified by the amount of shares.
  • Captical dividend is capped unless capital becomes part of the community and the contribution is recognized by community members.
  • Universal basic income will give new members a piece of mind to learn and catch up.

Example of potential problems to inspire more challenging questions but also constructive answers.

  • How to avoid bank run when the valuation of the community drops?
    • Vesting period of the new earned shares based on the amount.