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A wrapper for log4js-node which support Koa logger middleware. Log message is forked from Express (Connect) logger file.


This branch is use to Koa v2.x. To use Koa v0.x & v1.x, please check the master branch.


for koa v0.x & v1.x

$ npm i --save koa-log4@1

for koa v2.x

$ npm i --save koa-log4@2

The default logger is for koa v2.x

$ npm i --save koa-log4


Config koa-log4js is same as the original log4js-node.

Normal log4js way

This way is same as the original log4js-node.

const log4js = require('koa-log4')

const log = log4js.getLogger('index')
log.info('index do some awesome things')

Koa-middleware way

Similar to use Express (Connect) logger middleware.

const log4js = require('koa-log4')
app.use(log4js.koaLogger(log4js.getLogger("http"), { level: 'auto' }))

Full Example

Check this repo for full example with Koa v2.


See here for more info.