jQuery Plugin for generating a Windows Wizard-like interface for your Web Applications
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jWizard is a jQuery UI widget for creating wizard interfaces based on your HTML Forms.



Include the JS and CSS located in the dist folder (minified versions are included there as well)

<script src="jquery.jWizard.js"></script>
<link href="jquery.jWizard.css" rel="stylesheet">

A wizard can be comprised of a <form>, but any other (block-level) element, like <div> will also work.

<form id="wizard">
    <!-- steps will go here -->

<!-- or -->

<div id="wizard">
    <!-- steps will go here -->

A step can also be made up of just about any (block-level) element as well.

  • If using a <fieldset>, the <legend> element will contain the step's title.
  • If using any other element, add a title or data-jwizard-title attribute to specify a title
    <!-- step title -->
    <legend>Step 1</legend>
    <!-- step content -->

<!-- or -->

<div title="Step 1">
    <!-- step content -->

<!-- or -->

<div data-jwizard-title="Step 1">
    <!-- step content -->

Lastly, initialize the wizard via JS:


You can see the available options and events at the documentation page