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Phraser Game Show App
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Phraser Game Show App

See live version of the game

This is a pure vanilla javascript app. It is a "phrase-hunter" app wherein the user is provided with an onscreen keyboard and a hidden phrase. The game outline is as follows:

  1. guess the word by choosing letters
  2. limited number of guesses
  3. lose a heart if incorrect guess
  4. win game if correct phrase is chosen with hearts remaining
  5. lose game if all hearts are lost

Technologies used

  • Object Oriented Vanilla JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Known Issues

  1. key stroke is not disabled after one keyup (this only happens with 'wrong' keys; meanwhile, keys are disabled for 'chosen' keys)
  2. when clicking 'start' button after game is lost or won, game is not completely reset.


  1. could add timer that starts on page load to increase intensity
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