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This repo contains a CLI program that scans a local directory for images and generates a simple HTML gallery using the experimental CSS Masonry layout. The gallery file generated is left in the directory, so in the future, you can just open it in a browser.

The CSS Masonry option does a great job of using up all of the available space in the window. It also works well with browser scaling/zooming. I like the experience of browsing images this way much more than the default Windows file explorer with the "Extra large icons" view mode.


  • Generate a minified HTML gallery with a masonry layout
  • Randomize the order of the images
  • Select and filter a subset of the images

Example output

View the example-gallery in GitHub Pages. Note the small icons on the top-right. Try clicking on a few images, then clicking the filter button.


Either grab a binary from a release and add it to your PATH or clone this repo and run go install.

Example with The Works of Zdzisław Beksiński:

PS C:\Users\Dom\Pictures\ZdzislawBeksinski> gall .
2024/04/29 11:40:36 Directory to be scanned: .
2024/04/29 11:40:36 Found 88 images in the directory
2024/04/29 11:40:36 1 non-images were excluded from the gallery
2024/04/29 11:40:36 Gallery created: C:\Users\Dom\Pictures\ZdzislawBeksinski\gal.html


gall ./some-dir  	# Generate default gallery in directory
gall ./some-dir -f 	# launch with firefox
gall ./some-dir -b 	# launch default browser

Enabling CSS Masonry in Firefox

At the time of writing this, to use the Masonry layout in Firefox, navigate to about:config and set layout.css.grid-template-masonry-value.enabled to true.


Example gallery images generated with

Template Placeholders

The file template.html contains the unminified HTML template of the gallery page with a bit of CSS and JavaScript. This app simply loads that file and replaces the below placeholders with some text and HTML.

Placeholder Content
<!-- GALLERY_CONTENTS --> Gallery images
<!-- GALLERY_TITLE --> Gallery title
<!-- GALLERY_INFO --> Gallery info

Context Menu (Windows)

To make this app a bit easier to use on my Windows 11 machine, I added it as an option to my context menu when right clicking a folder or the background pane of an open folder. This is what it looks like:

This uses a tool called Nilesoft Shell. Once installed, simply add the following to your shell.nss:

menu(type='back|dir' mode="multiple"  title='dominickp/gall' image=\uE1F4)
	item(title = 'Generate Gallery' cmd='gall' arg='.')
	item(title = 'Generate Gallery (launch Firefox)' cmd='gall' arg='. -f')


Generate simple HTML/CSS Masonry galleries for local image albums.