A simple Django app for managing organisational board members.
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A pluggable Django app for managing board members of an organisation. Board members have titles, mini-biographies, and photos.

Installation is simple:

pip install django-board

Getting started

Add the following to your INSTALLED_APPS:

  • sorl.thumbnail (if not already present);
  • board.

Sync database changes, using:

python manage.py syncdb

django-board ships with no views, templates or URLs. To include a list of board members in a template, use the template tag board_members:

{% load board_tags %}
{% board_members as members %}

{% if members %}
  {% for member in members %}
  <li>{{ member.name }}</li>
  {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Running the tests

You can run the test suite using:

python manage.py test board