Simple Django app for managing a magazine, which consist of issues which contain articles.
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A pluggable Django app for managing a simple magazine.

Magazines consist of Issues, each of which contains one or more Articles, which are by one or more Authors.

Getting Started

It's not currently on PyPI (though will be soon), so for now you have to install with:

pip install git+ssh://

Presuming you already have a Django project set up, add magazine to your INSTALLED_APPS setting, and add:

url(r'^', include('magazine.urls')),

to your


Documentation is available on Read The Docs.


django-magazine is tested with every push. Our current build status is Build Status.

Once you've added magazine to your INSTALLED_APPS, you can run its tests with: test magazine


django-magazine requires at least Python 2.6, since it uses the newer string formatting syntax. If you need to use Python 2.5, feel free to submit a pull request that fixes that.

This app depends on Bleach, for cleaning up submitted HTML (particularly content pasted in from Microsoft Word).

This app requires at least Django 1.3.1, since it depends on the new {% with %} tag behaviour, and the new {% include %} behaviour.

This app uses South for managing database changes, though you don't have to.