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a pipeable JSON parser written in Bash

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yo, so it's a json parser written in bash

pipe json to it, and it traverses the json objects and prints out the path to the current object (as a JSON array) and then the object, without whitespace.

$ json_parse < package.json
["name"]    ""
["version"] "0.0.0"
["description"] ""
["homepage"]    ""
["repository","type"]   "git"
["repository","url"]    ""
["repository"]  {"type":"git","url":""}
["bin","json_parse"]    "./"
["bin"] {"json_parse":"./"}
["dependencies"]    {}
#  ... etc

a more complex example:

curl | ./ | egrep '\["versions","[^"]*"\]'
... try it and see



Brief output. Exclude empty fields and duplicate data. This will improve performance for larger queries.


If you have any examples with, streaming twitter, github, or whatever! please issue a pull request and i will include them.


This software is available under the following licenses:

  • MIT
  • Apache 2
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