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connect's bodyParser has a problem when using it with a proxy. It gobbles up all the body events, so that the proxy doesn't see anything!

connect-restreamer comes to the rescue by re-emitting the body to the proxy.

it has defaults that make it suitable for use with connect's bodyParser but can be customized.


just include connect-restreamer in you're middleware chain after the bodyParser

var bodyParser = require('connect/lib/middleware/bodyParser')
  , restreamer = require('connect-restreamer')

//don't worry about incoming contont type
//bodyParser.parse[''] = JSON.parse

  //refactor the body parser and re-streamer into a separate package
  //body parser absorbs the data and end events before passing control to the next
  // middleware. if we want to proxy it, we'll need to re-emit these events after 
  //passing control to the middleware.
  function (req,res, proxy) {
    //custom proxy logic
    //... see


restreamer takes 3 options:

var options = {
  modify: function(body) {
    //a function that may modify the buffered property
    return body
  property: 'body', //name of the buffered property
  stringify:JSON.stringify //function to turn the buffered object back into a string