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Splice stream #3

Raynos opened this Issue · 5 comments

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A crdt.Set / crdt.Seq matches the splice-stream idea.

We should have some way to turn a Set and a Seq into a splice stream. splice streams are to array as delta streams are to object.


@dominictarr We can look at this problem differently.

A crdt Set / Seq can still have unique ids for each object and a _sort property or a sort key or whatever.

We can then represent a Set / Seq as a splice stream for emitting local changes on the Set/Seq and for sending local changes back to the Set/Seq.

Then we can send those changes over the wire properly in the crdt format.

We are never sending splice streams directly over the wire.

But if you have a better suggestion for a List stream feel free to make one.


@dominictarr yes. I mainly want to use splice-stream & delta-stream for turning GUI elements into streams


@dominictarr splice-stream is broken as hell. It doesn't work even in a single process and is completely broken cross process.

I will deprecate it and create list-stream which is a scuttlebutt representation of an array which uses numeric keys from 0 to 1 (using between) and pretends the object is an array.

Eventaully crdt.Set and crdt.Seq will be based on list like abstractions

@Raynos Raynos closed this
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