scripts to setup continuous deployment with git push
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tools to create setup a server for continous deployment via git push.


ssh user@host
npm install -g deploy
deploy init simple /path/to/repo

#(use absolute paths throughout)
git remote add deploy ssh://user@host/path/to/repo

#push it real good
git push deploy master

Add an executable script named update to the root of your project. It will be executed when you push your repo!

deploy create simple|branches USER@HOST path

okay, so I also added this thing to push to multiple branches. this is too complicated really, I will delete this feature...

create a git repo on HOST at path

and add a remote named deploy in the currect git repo.

remote repos can be 'simple' or use 'branches'.

currently I recommend using simple

when you push to a git repo it will checkout master into ./ then run ./update

if you use deploy create branches ... it will checkout each branch and tag into a seperate folder, and then run ./update this will be very useful for split testing!

    git/        #git stuff in here
    master/     #master 
    tag/        #tag

push to your new git repo with

git push deploy [branch|--tags]