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node style streams for DOM nodes

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dominode - node's evented API for HTML5

dominode - node point browser

dominode - node style streams for DOM nodes

** still alpha/work in progress **

node.js describes itself as a framework for dealing with "evented i/o" and traditionally runs on the server. clients, however, are just a i/o bound as servers (ajax requests, file uploads, indexeddb/websql, etc.) and can benefit from the nice APIs that node has developed to solve these problems in a server environment.

dominode uses a few key javascript libraries from node (Stream, Util, etc via browserify) and adds some new syntax for dealing with the DOM.

currently it is uses the plates templating library but something with CSS selectors would be nicer

// pass in the selector location where the dominode will get rendered and the template it will use for each data event
var list = dominode('.list', '<div id="number"></div>')

// pipe some data to your dominode
var readStream = new stream.Stream()
readStream.readable = true
readStream.write = function (data) {
  this.emit('data', data); return true
readStream.end = function (data) {
// adds <div id="number">1</div>,
//      <div id="number">2</div>
//  and <div id="number">2</div>
/    to <div class="list"></div>
readStream.write({number: 1})
readStream.write({number: 2})
readStream.write({number: 3})


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