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if you are getting a stack overflow, it must mean that you are using a sync transform?
If you are not using an async map, you are probably better off just using through it's much simpler.


One of my transforms was indeed synchronous. I moved it out of the async map and it's more reliable - see I still get "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" for certain large datasets. In this case, 22844 items in the 'filtered' array. It's all 100% async now, so that's not the issue.

I haven't been able to find a workaround for this other than the pull request I sent. Any other ideas?

Still stuck here, even after wrapping the callback in process.nextTick() myself...


fs.readFile isn't sync. hmm, you shouldn't need process.nextTick
if it's in the callback of fs.readFile are you sure this only works if it's there?

hmm. It looks like you are making a key value database, except with files?

Oh... I just looked it your code and saw you also had a leveldb branch.
do you have the same problem with leveldb? I was about to recommend using leveldb for this.


I know, right? It should be working. Still, unless I patch map-stream directly, the issue occurs. I'm sure this will be an ongoing issue for other users... Check out this issue where the author of async throws up his hands and adds process.nextTick: caolan/async#75

I love event-stream, it's beautiful stuff. I'd love to keep using it and know that it will always reliably work. What are your reservations about adding process.nextTick()? Are you concerned about process.nextTick() degrading performance?

FWIW, LevelDB works but the performance isn't nearly as good. It's hard to beat the raw filesystem for speed. That said, leveldb does mostly work - but it's really not designed for appending to values as I'm doing with the lovely fs.appendFile() so some values get dropped on the floor. I'd need to add key-specific locking or somesuch to levelup make it work reliably.

Ahhh, life on the bleeding edge, huh?


Okay so I don't want to merge a work around,
I want to get to the root of the problem.
Not just to fix map-stream, but also to understand node.

Can you give me a testcase that reproduces this?

Hmm, so you are using leveldb the best way.
You can do something just like appends with leveldb,
just make the key phon+'!'+word. And then pull the values out with a read stream.
Also, use level-writestream.
You should post an issue on leveldb though, and well discuss that there.


Sure, if you follow the instructions to run you'll see if blows up every time without my patch..


This problem seems to happen when the number of consecutive writable items in writeQueue exceeds the maximum call stack size (like if there's a long operation and then a bunch of really short ones). This causes queueData to become a very deep recursive function with a stack size equal to the number of consecutive writable items in writeQueue.

As an aside, it would be really nice if we could just turn off preservation of item order when we don't need it and skip the queue entirely.


looking at this code again,
the correct solution should be a loop inside of queueNext, not nextTick

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