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Featueres (not sorted in order of importance
+ better error handling when parsing command line arguments, and by better
I mean, any
+ help message summarizing async_testing in generateHelp
? onTestSkipped event for when a test is skipped because a specific test was
? stop using home grown options parser and add one as a sub module?
? allow a config file (at say ~/.node-async-testing.json) or something for
setting default run options, so say if you want the default to have tests and
suites be parallel you can do that.
? make the default to be to run test and suites in parallel?
? Add new flag, which says to run everything in parallel, but if a suite fails
in some way, don't output it's results, instead re-run the suite serially
Console Runner:
+ deal with long lines better (wrapping function)
Web Runner:
+ checkbox for web runner to automatically run suites on window or tab focus
+ keep track of which suites have been opened and are parallel across refreshes
(in a cookie)
+ checkbox to run suites in parallel or not (right now you have to specify this <----
via the command line)
+ improve UI for when onSuiteDone with an 'error' status happens
? only show suites that have tests we are running and only show those tests (in <----
the case of the --test-name flag)
? Instead of just show test as blank when a file changes, mention something?
? Show number of failures when the test is closed?
? better support for onSuiteExit event. Show which tests didn't finish and
which didn't get ran
Running tests (async_testing.runSuite, async_testing.runFile):
+ timeout for suites or tests, the easiest and most fool proof way would be to
just add this to runFile and just have it kill the process after a certain
amount of time. It could look at the events it is getting from the child and
restart the timeout every time a test finishes. If we want to do this in
runSuite I don't think there is anything we can do to about something like
this happening (since node is single threaded and callbacks won't interrupt
running code):
`while(true) {}`
+ improve stack traces for assertion failures (remove first line, which is just
the wrapped assertion being called)
+ code coverage
? test.finish can take error? so you could say do:
to make sure that readFile doesn't error without having to write your
own callback
? add a script for running tests? (like we used to have...). People seem to like
them, and it would allow us to specify a directory not always having to specify
a file.
+ update docs and add list of command line arguments for run and what they do
+ add note about contributing/contacting
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