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Obtain lines and fixed-length buffers from an incoming stream
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ChunkedStream simplifies implementing line-based protocols by providing an interface to obtain lines and fixed-length buffers from a streaming source. It acquires input by acting as a target for a piped stream.


var ChunkedStream = require('chunkedstream');

var cs = new ChunkedStream();
socket.pipe(cs);  // obtain socket e.g. by opening a network connection

cs.getLine(function(line) {
    // line a line terminated with \r\n

Note that .getLine() will only call the callback once. If you want to read lines repeatedly, you have to call .getLine() again from the callback.

To obtain a fixed number of bytes from the stream:

cs.getBytes(512, onchunk, oncomplete);

function onchunk(buffer) {
    // Called repeatedly with a buffer as they come in.
    // The total combined length of all buffer objects passed to this function
    // is 512 bytes as specified above.

function oncomplete() {
    // Called after onchunk() has been called with total combined buffer
    // length of 512 bytes.

Note: When the stream never contains \r\n, getLine will never call the callback function.

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