Streams for parsing and stringifying large JSON objects without buffering
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Streamed parser and stringifier that act like writable and readable streams


You can build a ParseStream like so:

var json = require('json-streams');
var p = json.createParseStream();

p is an instance of the json.ParseStream class. json.ParseStream is a writable stream which means you can write or pipe data to it.

var net = require('net');
var c = net.createConnection(1337, '');

At the moment, ParseStream supports only one output event which is the 'end' event. The listener gets called with the fully parsed object as argument. No data is buffered during the parsing so you can load very big JSON files. Support for finer events is on the TODO list as well as the possibility to ignore some objects that are not needed and should be "garbage collected"

p.on('end', function(object) {
    // do something with your object


StringifyStream is only a very thin wrapper around json-streamify. In fact, It is so thin that everything is still synchronous. Wrapping this correctly or rewriting some parts is at top priority on the TODO list.


  • improve StringifyStream so that it can pause when stringifying an object and continue later.
  • allow users to register on more specific events on ParseStream. I'm thinking of somekind of subscription pattern where one could register for o.member, o.member.arrayMember[n] or o.member.arrayMember[3]. However this is very non-trivial and should be somewhat retrocompatible with the current behaviour.

Bugs / Forks / Patches / Pull requests

You are very welcome to file bugs on the github tracker and send patches or pull requests.

... here be license ...