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reconnect/sockjs #4

Raynos opened this Issue · 8 comments

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reconnect/shoe is pretty cool but can't be used on the server.

I'll make a pull request that adds sockjs.js for doing reconnect on the server with sockJS


Is there an example of this working? I have tried modifying example/shoe/client.js to use require('../../shoe') and removed the dom noise but I get this error on the server when I try to connect the client:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'request' of undefined
    at /home/jeremy/reconnect/examples/shoe/server.js:14:40
    at Server.handler (/home/jeremy/reconnect/node_modules/shoe/index.js:22:9)
    at Server.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:95:17)
    at App.emit (/home/jeremy/reconnect/node_modules/shoe/node_modules/sockjs/lib/sockjs.js:182:27)
    at new RawWebsocketSessionReceiver (/home/jeremy/reconnect/node_modules/shoe/node_modules/sockjs/lib/trans-websocket.js:155:14)
    at ws.onopen (/home/jeremy/reconnect/node_modules/shoe/node_modules/sockjs/lib/trans-websocket.js:52:16)
    at EventTarget.dispatchEvent (/home/jeremy/reconnect/node_modules/shoe/node_modules/sockjs/node_modules/faye-websocket/lib/faye/websocket/api/event_target.js:36:30)
    at API._open (/home/jeremy/reconnect/node_modules/shoe/node_modules/sockjs/node_modules/faye-websocket/lib/faye/websocket/api.js:22:10)
    at /home/jeremy/reconnect/node_modules/shoe/node_modules/sockjs/node_modules/faye-websocket/lib/faye/websocket.js:50:38
    at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)

I'd be happy to build it out into a failing example that we can merge once fixed!


@jez0990 I always use reconnect/inject manually. I use it with shoe or People also say good things about


@jez0990 a failing example would be great! will merge!


@Raynos thanks for the pointers, I will check them out :)

@dominictarr here's the example:

Simply do npm start and separately node node-client.js

(your original client.js needs updating to use ../../shoe as well)



@Raynos is the supposed to be able to connect to a shoe server? I'm having no luck :(

I also tried using websocket-stream...

Any pointers on how I might fix this issue though? I really want to figure this out.


@jez0990 it has to connect to an server.


@jez0990 the only problem was in a console.log if you commented that line it worked.
I've fixed it now. 0e04c52


Thanks!! Very much appreciated. I did eventually discover that the console.log itself was a culprit but didn't know if the implications were wider.

@dominictarr dominictarr closed this
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