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reconnect to a network stream, (currently supports tcp, and shoe on the client-side.


pass function will be called every time the stream connects. if the connection is broken, reconnect will make a new connection and call this function again.

var reconnect = require('reconnect')

reconnect(function (stream) {
  //called every time the connection is remade.
  //only one connection will ever be live at one time.


reconnect (opts, onConnect)

if opts is an object it will be passed to backoff which handles throtteling the reconnection attempts. it also accepts a type parameter, which may be either 'fibonacci' or 'exponential'.

opts is optional.

passing onConnect to reconnect is short hand for reconnect(opts).on('connect', onConnect)

reconnect.connect (...)

attempt to connect. the arguments will be passed onto the underlying stream type. (either you are calling shoe(uri) or net.connect(port)) these arguments will be used for every subsequent connection attempt.

emit('connect', stream)

emitted when a new connection is made (that includes after a disconnection!)

emit('disconnect', stream)

emitted when the stream has disconnected.

emit ('backoff', attempts, delay)

reemitted from backoff when reconnect is waiting for the next time to connect.

emit ('reconnect', attempts, delay)

emitted when attempting a new connection.


set to false and reconnect will not automatically reconnect. starts out true.


Inject a handler for a custom stream type, example http would look like this

var inject  = require('reconnect/inject')
var request = require('request')

module.exports = inject(function () {
  var req = request.apply(null, []
  //you might need to add some event stuff here
  return req

you must return a stream, and it must emit a 'connect' event when it has actually connected to the server like in net



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