distributed version control system implemented in javascript.
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Snob is a Distributed Version Control System implemented is js. You can think of it as a Model layer for realtime collaborative applications, or as a peer to peer database.

Each node has a Repo object, and they replicate by sending change sets to each other.

Snob has the same architecture as git, but with plugable diff-tools. That means, it can support any kind of objects, if you can diff, diff3, and patch them.

by default, snob uses xdiff

Self Hosting!

snob became self hosting.

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// create two Repos and pipe them together.

var Repo = require('snob')
var A = new Repo()
var B = new Repo()
var as

// pipe in a circle, like this.

(as = A.createStream())

// of course, the streams can also be stringified and
// passed over a text stream. )

A.commit({hello: ['whatever']})



just like git. read the source.