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Combine (stream1,...,streamN)

Turn a pipeline into a single stream. Combine returns a stream that writes to the first stream and reads from the last stream.

Listening for 'error' will recieve errors from all streams inside the pipe.

var Combine = require('stream-combiner')
var es      = require('event-stream')

Combine(                                  // connect streams together with `pipe`
  process.openStdin(),                    // open stdin
  es.split(),                             // split stream to break on newlines (data, callback) {      // turn this async function into a stream
    var repr = util.inspect(JSON.parse(data))  // render it nicely
    callback(null, repr)
  process.stdout                          // pipe it to stdout !

Can also be called with an array:

var combinedStream = Combine([

Or to combine gulp plugins:

function coffeePipe() {
  return Combine(
    coffeelint.reporter('fail').on('error', function(){




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