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/* git log //parse current commit

POST {payload: JSON.stringify({ repository: {name: project, owner: {name: username}}})}

//json within json. stupid, i know.

look into permissions downgrading (npm does it) and chroot.

grab other commit information. (just save the github post)

test and initialize database.

nicer views.

support for more test adapters.

node race - 
it's just like meta test, but the convention is that the tests are in a seperate repo. (this will make API changes completely obvious. this will be the 9th iteration.)

pull down project like before & npm update. also, list races your entering.

then, for each race:

ln -s [new_contender] [racepath]/node_module/contender 

meta-test -[adapter] test/*.js

update results under test:[contender:commit]

//when a race is updated, re-run all contenders.