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Emacs Lisp
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The latest version of errcheck uses a standard format.


go-errcheck provides an easy way to invoke errcheck from within Emacs.

It invokes errcheck with the current file's directory and optionally options for ignoring certain functions or packages. The output gets presented in a compilation buffer, allowing navigating errors.

Basic usage

Basic usage is as simple as invoking the function go-errcheck in a Go buffer. Calling go-errcheck with a prefix argument allows setting the ignorepkg and ignore flags interactively.


go-errcheck offers two customizable options: go-errcheck-ignorepkg and go-errcheck-ignore, which correspondent to errcheck's flags. You can set their default values directly or via the customization menu.

You can also use file local variables as well as per-directory local variables. Because errcheck always operates on whole directories/packages, using per-directory variables might make more sense than using file local variables. They allow setting the ignorepkg and ignore flags for your packages so that errcheck will be invoked with them automatically.


Screenshot of go-errcheck