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+## Ignoring checks
+gosimple allows disabling some or all checks for certain files. The
+`-ignore` flag takes a whitespace-separated list of
+`glob:check1,check2,...` pairs. `glob` is a glob pattern matching
+files in packages, and `check1,check2,...` are checks named by their
+For example, to ignore uses of strconv.FormatInt in all test files in the
+`os/exec` package, you would write `-ignore
+Additionally, the check IDs support globbing, too. Using a pattern
+such as `os/exec/*.gen.go:*` would disable all checks in all
+auto-generated files in the os/exec package.
+Any whitespace can be used to separate rules, including newlines. This
+allows for a setup like the following:
+$ cat stdlib.ignore
+$ gosimple -ignore "$(cat stdlib.ignore)" std

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