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May 1, 2021
2020.2.4 (v0.1.4)
Mar 9, 2021
2020.2.3 (v0.1.3)

@dominikh dominikh released this Feb 19, 2021

This release fixes a rare crash in Staticcheck, reduces the number of false positives, and adds support for Go 1.16's io/fs.FileMode type.

Read the full release notes at

Assets 24
Feb 19, 2021
2020.2.2 (v0.1.2)

@dominikh dominikh released this Jan 20, 2021

This release eliminates some false negatives as well as false positives, makes the staticcheck command less noisy and fixes a potential security issue.

See the full release notes at

Assets 24
Jan 20, 2021
2020.2.1 (v0.1.1)
Dec 14, 2020
dist: update build script
darwin/386 is no longer supported by Go.

(cherry picked from commit cdfeb40)