dominikh cmd/megacheck: allow per-tool control of non-zero exiting
When running tools individually, their non-zero exit can be suppressed,
for example by using '|| true' in a shell script. When using megacheck,
all tools were sharing the same exit code. This is a problem when using
gosimple in CI because it usually shouldn't cause CI to fail. The old
behaviour made it impossible to run gosimple, together with other tools,
via megacheck.

Add '<tool>.exit-non-zero' flags for each tool, to control whether
problems found by said tool result in megacheck exiting non-zero.

Default to false for gosimple.

Closes gh-219
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megacheck.go cmd/megacheck: allow per-tool control of non-zero exiting Nov 10, 2017


megacheck runs staticcheck, gosimple and unused at once. Because it is able to reuse work, it will be faster than running each tool separately.


go get


The basic operation of megacheck is just like that of the other tools. The flags of the individual tools are prefixed by the tools' names. Tools can be disabled by setting -<tool>.enabled=false.

For explanations of the individual tools, see their respective readmes.