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The purpose of Selection Manager is to be able to save named selections and recall them later, even after restarting SketchUp and reloading a model.


  • keep multiple, named selections around
  • Modify saved selections by adding/removing new entities to it
  • Automatically update a saved selection if parts of it get deleted
  • Save and load selections with/from the model


The plugin adds a new sub menu to the context menu, called Selection Manager. This menu contains the following items:

  • Add new selection -- Asks for a name under which to save the selection. If the name is already in use, the user gets asked whether the existing one should be replaced or extended.
  • Load selections from model -- Loads saved selections from the model. See the caveats section for more information.

Additionally, the menu has one sub menu per saved selection, which features the following items:

  • Select -- Recalls the saved selection
  • Add to selection -- Adds the current selection to the saved selection
  • Remove from selection -- Removes the current selection from the saved selection
  • Remove -- Completely remove the saved selection. Warning: There is no confirmation dialog.


  • Loading the selections from a model can take some time. My tests, with ~70k entities and a couple of selections, took between 0.5 and 1 seconds.
  • The selections get saved as attributes on the entities. To avoid copying those when copying an entity, the attributes will only be set temporarily during saving; they will also get removed as soon as _Load selections from model"_has been used. That means that the selections should be loaded right after opening the model and that they cannot be loaded again, without opening the model again.