Managing on-call rotation and notification queues
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This is the README file for App-Standby, an on-call manager.


App::Standby provides a handy on-call duty manager. It is able to handle several groups of on-call personel and provides an extensible plugin mechanism to connect it to virtually any remote service which provides some kind of API.

Please also look at Monitoring::Spooler which is an external notification queue for virtually any monitoring application which support external notification scripts.

If you are using Zabbix Zabbix::Reporter may be also worth a look, it's a handy dashboard for Zabbix.


This package uses Dist::Zilla.


dzil build

to create a release tarball which can be unpacked and installed like any other EUMM distribution.

perl Makefile.PL


make test

make install


Please see perldoc App::Standby. Setup and configuration is covered there.