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MTK-MYB-CNC provides the MTK-MYB CNC implementation.
+This allows a single host to backup any number of mysql servers
+on the local network without having to maintain instances of a backup
+script on these hosts. It only requires a single host to be configured
+and maintained. The hosts being backed up only need curl installed
+and they must be configured to allow password less ssh access
+from the central backup instance.
+The central host uses pure-ftpd to retrieve the backups from the
+remote hosts. It connects to them via SSH and issues a mysqldump
+command for each of the tables. The output from mysqldump is then
+compressed on the fly and directly fed to STDIN of curl. So no
+data is written to disk on the hosts being backed up. This is usually
+the fastest and most convenient way to take backups from the backup hosts.
+The backup hosts will be locked during the time of the backup, so these
+should be replication slaves of a mysql master.
## Installation
This package uses Dist::Zilla.

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