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Charlotte Webscraper

A HackU5 project created by the #blessed team. Event sponsored by Dominion Enterprises.

Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store license Github All Releases


  • Easily available through Chrome store
  • Point-and-click GUI - no coding required
  • Robust element matching
  • Exportable CSV, JSON, XML types
  • Notification of specific website changes
  • Supports deep web penetration searching (e.g. finding hidden webpage links and easter eggs)

How to Scrape All Links from a Page

This shows you how to generate a site map using Charlotte

How to Select Elements

This shows you how to select different elements on the page and Charlotte will track these elements for changes and notify you via the export configuration


Google Chrome web browser and internet access. This extension should work with the latest version of Google's Chrome browser: 55.0.2883.

How to Install

Once deployed onto the Chrome Web Store, visit the Chrome Web Store. Then search for Charlotte Web Scraper. Once you find it, click the "+ Add to Chrome" button.

You can build from source by going to the repository using this link: and clone the repository on your computer.


We support collaboration with the open source community. Please refer to and for guidelines making contributions.


This project is provided under the MIT licence. Please refer to file for more detail.


Eyosyas Dagnachew, Colin Lightfoot, Khauri McClain, Noor Rahman, Chris Suh


Steve Mortimer

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