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django-moderation is reusable application for Django framework, that allows to moderate any model objects.

Possible use cases:

  • User creates his profile, profile is not visible on site. It will be visible on site when moderator approves it.
  • User change his profile, old profile data is visible on site. New data will be visible on site when moderator approves it.


  • configurable admin integration(data changed in admin can be visible on site when moderator approves it)
  • moderation queue in admin
  • html differences of changes between versions of objects
  • configurable email notifications
  • custom model form that allows to edit changed data of object
  • auto approve/reject for selected user groups or user types
  • support for ImageField model fields on moderate object page
  • 100% PEP8 correct code
  • test coverage > 80%


python 2.7, 3.3+

django >= 1.7, < 1.10


Known issues

  • No Django 1.10 support yet
  • m2m relations in models are not currently supported
  • For Django 1.7, a query is run for every object in a query, resulting in N+1 total queries. For Django >= 1.8 only one additional query is run for each unmoderated query.


Full module documentation is hosted at ReadTheDocs:


Special thanks to all persons that contributed to this project.

Thank you for all ideas, bug fixes, patches.