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Aerolith 2.0 is a word study website - Copyright 2007-2020 César Del Solar

Build status: CircleCI


This repository holds the Python and Javascript required to serve Aerolith on a fresh machine. Here's a brief description of the different modules:


The bulk of the back-end code is written in Python 3.7, using Django 2.2.x


Front-end code for Wordwalls is Javascript (ES6 mostly), using React. The rest of the app is moving to React as well.

Javascript code uses the Airbnb eslint config. (See their style guide: If you wish to contribute, please use this same config in your code editor, as code will not deploy without passing this first linting step.


word_db_server is at

This server deals with anything word-related. It provides a Twirp API to the Python webapp.

It is also used to generate the build challenges and blank challenges.


Getting started with Docker