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ManiaPlanet RGB effects integration for the Wooting one analog keyboard.
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ManiaPlanet RGB effects for the Wooting one keyboard

A small app providing some fancy RGB lighting in TrackMania² on the Wooting one analog keyboard.

Keyboard preview


  • F1 - F12: Car's engine RPM.
    • Ranged between 0 and 11k for StadiumCar.
    • Ranged between 0 and 10k for CanyonCar, ValleyCar and LagoonCar.
  • 1 - 7: Current engine gear.
    • ← Backspace lit when reversing.
  • ◀ ▶: Analog steering input.
  • ▲: Vehicle acceleration ratio (not to be interpreted as "gas is pressed").
  • ▼: Vehicle is braking (does not mean "brake is pressed").
  • Esc: Vehicle headlights (white = on, black = off).
  • Home, Pg Up, End, Pg Dn: Wheels status.
    • White, if the wheel is skidding.
    • Lit = has grip. Off = no grip.
  • Other keys: Additional effects.
    • Blue when underwater.
    • Cyan when turbo is active.


Keys color depends on the current vehicle.

  • CanyonCar - red.
  • StadiumCar - turquoise.
  • ValleyCar - yellowish green.
  • LagoonCar - aqua.
  • Unknown (custom items) - white.
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