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Random Activity generator for Gmails
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Random Activity generator for Gmails

  1. Have Python 3.6.X .6 downloaded
  2. Drag all the files out of the folder and put it on your Desktop
  3. Now go to CMD and type in: cd Desktop
  4. How do py
  5. Read the error and Google it. Most likely its gonna be something like: "No module called requests or something". Just Google it or DM me on twitter
  6. Once you do that and you get to run now go back to your Desktop on CMD (simplest is to close and re-open cmd and cd'ing to the desktop like in Step 4)
  7. Now run Project DomCap by doing: py
  8. Read the errors and google it again (YES I'M LAZY LEAVE ME ALONE)

If you have problems DM me on Twitter

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