An experiment in sharing client/server side code with node, TDD with buster.js, packaging with RequireJS
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An experiment in TDD, nodejs, progressive enhancement, fancy stuff.

Very much a work in progress.

Set up

  • npm install -g buster

Running tests

  • Start buster server
  • Point browsers, which need to run tests, to http://localhost:1111
  • buster test to run tests on raw JS (both, server and client side)
  • ./ to minify client side JS into min/all.js and run the same tests against it

File naming convention

The file names in test folder should map directly to file names in src folder (the * part, anyways)

  • src/
    • *.node.js - does not get concantenated into the all.js for browser
    • *.js - files that may be needed in the browser
  • test/
    • *.test.node.js - only included when buster test runs for node
    • *.test.js - runs in both - browser and node
    • To run tests ONLY in the browser, the file should be *.test.js and also have requiresSupportFor: { "DOM": typeof document != "undefined" }, in the testCase


Notes to self

  • Problem: amdefine boilerplate is PITA
  • Problem: test boilerplate is PITA - test name for buster; module name for [am]define
  • Problem: three copies of handlebars - externals/runtime, externals/hbs, node_modules
  • @todo: use runtime version of handlebars