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added width and height for the popup
added an event handler for the port received
added a div#results
sending a message to port1 with a document.title
the message from the user script is sent via port1 - the meaning
of port1 vs port2 is never explained. I assume, that port1 means
"localPort" and port2 is "remotePort", i.e. the user script
can only communicate with it's local, while it needs to send
a different port to the remote listener.
Bug #1:
Steps to reproduce
0. Assumes fresh install
1. Open a tab [tab1] - load some page
2. Open another tab [tab2] - load another page
3. Switch to tab1
4. Display popup
the title of the tab2 page displays
port variable in background.js got overwritten with a port to the
user script in tab2. it no longer communicates with a tab which is
focused, but rather communicates with a tab that is last opened
Bug #2:
Steps to reproduce
0. Assumes fresh install
1. Open a page
2. Display popup
3. Click the popup again
An DOM exception when trying to "Respond to port".
Could be a bug in the browser, could be as designed, but as it
seems - it's not possible to re-use the same MessageChannel
to send multiple messages - only one round of communications
is possible.
More likely it's that the channel needs to be re-established
every time a popup opens, since the old channel is destroyed
when the old popup closes.
There is no documentation about MessageChannel.
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