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# Changes for Module::ExtractUse
0.341 2016-01-30T22:18:20
- fixed 20_parse_self.t; is not used anymore (Kenichi Ishigaki)
0.340 2016-01-30T20:42:39
- load_first_existing_class() is now working (Anthony Brummett)
- Class::Load::load_class(), try_load_class() and load_optional_class() are working (Anthony Brummett)
- Detect uses of Module::Runtime (Anthony Brummett)
- include extractuse as provided by Jonathan Yu in example/ (Anthony Brummett)
- Linkify POD modules, mention Module::Extract::Use to resolve RT#45571. (Jeremy Mates)
0.33 2014-04-11T21:04:52+0200
- added base() handling to no (Thomas Klausner)
- support 'no MODULE' etc (for RT-94305) (Kenichi Ishigaki)
- typo fix (David Steinbrunner)
- ignore __DATA|END__ sections (see ) (Kenichi Ishigaki)
- ignore use/require method calls (Kenichi Ishigaki)
0.32 2013-09-04T16:48:07+0200
- not to include cached results (Kenichi Ishigaki)
- Fix handling module beginning with v and pragma with version.
(Yasutaka ATARASHI)
- Recognize "use parent". (Yasutaka ATARASHI)
0.31 2013-05-31T10:21:06+0200
- applied a patch from cjm with slight modification to resolve RT#50723
(support use Foo::Bar (); etc) (Kenichi Ishigaki)
- fixed RT#71761 (Kenichi Ishigaki)
- applied a patch from wyant (RT#71761) (Kenichi Ishigaki)
- fixed the Pod::Simple encoding issue (Kenichi Ishigaki)
- Fix incorrect regexp (ref gh-5). (Yasutaka ATARASHI)
- Avoid regex features introduced only in later perl (close gh-5).
(Yasutaka ATARASHI)
- Use plan() instead of done_testing() (ref gh-5). (Yasutaka ATARASHI)
- Add support for bareword leading hyphyen, in-place arrayref and hashref.
(Yasutaka ATARASHI)
- proper version number for older releases (Brian Cassidy)
0.30 2013-04-18T08:57:49+0200
- Add accessors and tests for _in_eval/_out_of_eval. (Yasutaka ATARASHI)
- reworked 80_failig.t to TODO tests; (Thomas Klausner)
- added more require-in-string corner test cases (suggested by Buddy Burden)
(Thomas Klausner)
- Fix the case for eval["']expr["'] and add regression tests.
(Yasutaka ATARASHI)
0.29 2013-02-25T20:25:44+0100
- fixed regex to filter use/require (RT83569) (reported by
0.28 2012-08-21T14:41:15+0200
- whitespace in use base is valid (Barbie)
0.27 2012-03-23T12:40:44+0100
- fixed 23_universal_require.t for real (RT75342) (reported by
Manoj Kumar and Paul Howarth)
0.26 2012-03-23T08:42:25+0100
- removed Test::NoWarning from a t/23_universal_require.t because
it upsets the (manual) plan if the tests are skipped
0.25 2012-03-22T10:55:42+0100
- autogenerate the grammer during ./Build (based on a patch by (RT74879)
- added $VERSION to into Module::ExtractUse::Grammar, suggested
by Manoj Kumar (RT75342)
- specify min verion of Parse::RecDescent (1.967009),
suggested by (RT75130)
- fix typos reported by gregor herrmann (RT75115)
- switched to Dist::Zilla (all on my own!)
0.24 2012-02-12T14:27:36+0100
- regenerated Grammer to work with new Parse::RecDescent
(thanks to cpan-testers, TMUELLER, KENTNL, dirkus@yo****.com and
paul@city****.org for reporting the problem)
0.23 2008-04-26 22:14:28
- fixed bug regarding 'use utf8' which was interpreted as 'utf'
0.22 2007-11-16
- added 'use warnings' again to the Grammer... grr, stupid grammer
0.21 2007-11-14
- fixed Bug reported by hanekomu via IRC:
Modules::ExtractUse breaks if it is used with UNIVERSAL::require
so I renamed the grammer tokens 'use' and 'require'. No API changes,
but if you use the grammer directly, you'll have to adapt to the new
names ('token_use' and 'token_reqire')
0.20 2007-11-07
- resolved RT #30414 by applying the patch submitted by
David Landgren
- rearranged code to better fit my current Perl style
- added 'use warnings' to Module::ExtractUse::Grammer for that
extra kwalitee point
0.19 2007-04-21
- resolved RT #22953 reported by David R Throop
documentation error in SYNOPSIS
- resolved RT #24066 reported by Jose Pedro Oliveira
license clarification
- some doc cleanup
- added more Test modules to build_requires
- no actual code changes where done in this release
0.18 2006-06-19
- resolved [ #19302] reported by
(thanks for the hint!)
we can now handle stuff like:
my $ver=1.22;
eval "use Test::Pod $ver;"
- moved Test::* prereq into build_requires
0.17 2005-11-07
- switched to new Changes format
- updated dependencies (Pod::Strip instead of Pod::Simple)
0.16 2005-09-01
- added test provided by BRICAS (thanks a lot)
- removed bug reported by BRICAS
- updated docs and various stuff
- find uses in eval
0.15 2004-10-01
- use Pod::Strip instead of Pod::Simple subclass hack
- added accessor method C<files>
- updated docs
- added t/pod.t and t/pod_coverage.t
- adapted test suite to new data structure / accessors
- resolved ticket #7013 "Parser should remember previously
scanned modules" (Michael G. Schwern) by shuffling various data
structures around
- switched to Module::Build
0.11 2004-07-20
- resolved ticket #7012 "uses preceded by a comment can be
ignored" by applying the patch by Michael G. Schwern. Thanks!
0.10 2003-06-08
- accelerated the parsing:
- Parse a statement instead of a whole module
- Befor parsing, check with a regex if the statement
contains 'use' or 'require'
- Enhanced grammer (thanks to $::RD_TRACE)
0.05 2003-04-18
- added precompilation of grammar to Makefile.PL
- changed @found to @::found
- init @::found in start-rule instead via startup-action
0.03 2003-03-31
- sort of working