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My settings for zsh, dot files and so on ...
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These are my dotfiles to set preferences for zsh and some handy commands for everyday usage.


  • Ruby >= 1.9
  • rake (gem install rake)


Installation is very simple, you just have to clone this repository to your home dir and run rake:

git clone $HOME/.home
cd $HOME/.home && rake

The setup script will then clone the prezto repository (if necessary) and create a symlink in your home dir .zshrc to adjust $PATH as well as set zsh preferences.


  • +x chmod +x alias
  • chrome open given URL in Chrome
  • git up show information about changes after pulling, params like git-pull
  • git reup as git up, but does git pull --rebase
  • git wtf show sync information
  • git deleteit git rm on all deleted files
  • git ignore add $1 to .gitignore
  • git current prints the name of the current branch
  • git fix rebase current branch by comparing it with the remote tracking branch (with the same name)
  • git cs open interactive cheatsheet in the browser
  • git ticket search for commits in the log with a given JIRA-ID
  • git c commits with a message from
  • git hub open the current Github project in Chrome or another browser
  • git recommit recommit with the current date/time
  • git root returns the path to the root of the repository
  • loadaverage print load average data
  • shoot take a snapshot from a webcam
  • packagist get download counts for Packagist packages, call with $1 = username
  • rubygems get download counts for Rubygems, call with $1 = username
  • frodo preview Github-flavoured Markdown, pipe output to bcat for maximum awesomeness
  • odt2pdf convert ODT documents to PDF using soffice on a Mac

photography, music and videography

  • concat_mp4s combine all MP4s in the cwd to one file (useful for Gopro splitted files)
  • sequencify rename all files from STDIN to the format "image%05d.jpg"
  • timelapsify generates a timelapse sequence from all images in the current dir
  • speedup speedup the video, params: $1=file, $2=factor
  • to_mp3 download videos via youtube-dl and convert to mp3 via ffmpeg
  • convert_mp3 convert all non-mp3 files in a directory to mp3
  • reencode_mp3 re-encodes all mp3 and m4a files to mp3 128K


  • l ls -lah
  • g git
  • gst git status
  • gpo git push origin
  • phpstorm starts PhpStorm
  • ns grep for TCP or UDP connections
  • zstats print most used commands from ZSH's history

Directory Hashes

  • ~w ~/Workspace
  • ~app /var/www/app
  • ~log /var/log
  • ~init /etc/init.d
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