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44 lines (31 sloc) 1.61 KB is an email address completion/matching tool to be used with notmuch mail user agents. works by caching the email addresses from users' email files and then doing (fgrep) matching against that cache when requested.

The matching part is very fast.

How To Install

  1. Copy to the machine you're running notmuch and find suitable location for it.

  2. Run /path/to/ --rebuild When run first time this gathers email addresses from all of your mail. This may take a long while to complete -- depends on the amount of email you have. Further --updates are much faster as those just take addresses from new mail.

  3. Test that it works: run /path/to/ notmuchmail

  4. In case you're using emacs mua with notmuch, edit your notmuch configuration for emacs (e.g. ~/.emacs.d/notmuch-config.el since notmuch 0.18) with the following content:

    (require 'notmuch-address)
    (setq notmuch-address-command "/path/to/")
  5. Restart emacs notmuch mua (or eval above lines) and start composing new mail. When adding recipient to To: field. press TAB after 3 or more characters have been added. In case you get 2 or more address matches, use arrow keys in minibuffer to choose desired recipient...

  6. Enjoy!

./ --help provides more detailed usage information.