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Neue Weather

Neue Weather Live


Weather in California may be boring, but your weather app doesn't have to be. Neue Weather is a beautiful weather application that elevates the user experience to art.

This application is inspired by mobile apps such as Dark Sky and Weathertron, and aims to bring a very clean and modern interface to the desktop experience--utilizing the latest best practices in Vanilla Javascript(ES6), CSS3, and HTML5.


Vanilla JS for logic

Node.js / Express Runtime environment to execute server side rendering to the browser, with Express Framework

Chart.js Charts for temp curve line and bar graphs

Dark Sky weather API for JSON data (fetched with axios and async await calls)

Pusher to build scalable, real time functionality to features

HTML5 an CSS3 (flexbox for responsiveness)

A look at Code

Neue Weather allows the user to toggle from day to night mode, with an extra surprise. Night mode fills the sky with a galaxy of stars. Here I created 100 new divs and scattered them across the height and width of their parent div at different top and left positions


    const generateStars = () => {
        let galaxy = document.getElementById("precip");
        let i = 0;

        while (i <= 100) {
            let star = document.createElement("div");
   = "star";
            let xPosition = Math.random();
            let yPosition = Math.random();
            let starType = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3 + 1);
            let position = {
                x: galaxy.clientWidth * xPosition,
                y: galaxy.clientHeight * yPosition
            star.className = `star star-type${starType}`;
   = `${Math.floor(position.y)}px`;
   = `${Math.floor(position.x)}px`;

Pusher is popular for direct messaging apps. I decided that their technology would add some great feature functionality to the app by allowing for real-time weather updates. The code below subscribes pusher to an axios async await function and pushes the incoming data to chart.js datapoints


    channel = pusher.subscribe("local-weather-chart");
    channel.bind("new-weather", data => {
        let newWeatherData = data.dataPoint;
        if ( > 15) {



  • Users can visualize weather data representations of temperature(in F° or C°), cloud cover, and a 5-day forecast
  • Application includes todays weather conditions. Users can interact with the page by mousing over the screen to view data at different times through the day
  • KeyLeft to view the 7-day forecast and instructional slides
  • KeyRight to view toggles to change temperature from C° to F°
  • KeyDown to reveal the current time, cloud cover and icon
  • KeyUp to view search by city
  • Background colors will also shift from blues/light to dark theme experience
  • Forecast, and current temperature will update in real-time without the need for browser refresh

Future Updates and bugs fixes

  • previous graphs arent destroying properly after a new graph is loaded causing flickering
  • Pusher is in conflict with data for the 5 day forecast causing error
  • Code needs refactoring and to be broken down into separate modules, organized by feature
  • Data for the 5 day forecast needs to be shaped better in server.js so it's rendering function can be simpler
  • Screen looks good down to about 650px in width. I will implement a slightly different experience for smartphone experience


A javascript weather forecast application



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