Java - Domo API SDK
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Java - Domo API SDK

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  • The Domo API SDK is the simplest way to automate your Domo instance
  • The SDK streamlines the API programming experience, allowing you to significantly reduce your written code
  • This package is published to bintray jcenter



The SDK can be added to your project in three ways:

It is currently hosted via bintray and JCenter (It will be in Maven central eventually):

repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""




compile 'com.domo:domo-java-sdk-all:0.4.0'

Classic Jar Import:

  • Clone this repository
  • Using a Bash Terminal, navigate to the cloned repository folder
  • Create the Jar files via the Bash command ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal
  • The Jars will be located in domo-java-sdk-all/build/libs/
  • Copy the Jars to your project folder, and add them to your build path


  • See the Client Test File for full usage and examples.
  • Create an API Client on the Domo Developer Portal
  • Use your API Client id/secret to instantiate a DomoClient()
  • Multiple API Clients can be used by instantiating multiple Domo Clients
  • Authentication with the Domo API is handled automatically by the SDK
  • If you encounter a 'Not Allowed' error, this is a permissions issue. Please speak with your Domo Administrator.
public class Example {

    public void domoSDKUsage() {

        //Build an SDK configuration
        Config config = Config.with()
                .scope(USER, DATA)

        //Create an instance of the SDK Client
        DomoClient domo = DomoClient.create(config);

        //Manage DataSets
        DataSetClient datasets = domo.dataSetClient();

        //Manage Streams
        StreamClient streams = domo.streamClient();

        //Manage Users
        UserClient users = domo.userClient();

        //Manage User Groups
        GroupClient groups = domo.groupClient();

You can use snapshot versions through JitPack:

  • Go to JitPack project page
  • Select Commits section and click Get it on commit you want to use (top one - the most recent)
  • Follow displayed instruction: add repository and change dependency (NOTE: due to JitPack convention artifact group will be different)

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