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from pydomo.datasets import DataSetRequest, Schema, Column, ColumnType, Policy
from pydomo.datasets import PolicyFilter, FilterOperator, PolicyType, Sorting
def datasets(domo):
'''DataSets are useful for data sources that only require
occasional replacement. See the docs at
'''"\n**** Domo API - DataSet Examples ****\n")
datasets = domo.datasets
# Define a DataSet Schema
dsr = DataSetRequest() = 'Leonhard Euler Party'
dsr.description = 'Mathematician Guest List'
dsr.schema = Schema([Column(ColumnType.STRING, 'Friend')])
# Create a DataSet with the given Schema
dataset = datasets.create(dsr)"Created DataSet " + dataset['id'])
# Get a DataSets's metadata
retrieved_dataset = datasets.get(dataset['id'])"Retrieved DataSet " + retrieved_dataset['id'])
# List DataSets
dataset_list = list(datasets.list(sort=Sorting.NAME))"Retrieved a list containing {} DataSet(s)".format(
# Update a DataSets's metadata
update = DataSetRequest() = 'Leonhard Euler Party - Update'
update.description = 'Mathematician Guest List - Update'
update.schema = Schema([Column(ColumnType.STRING, 'Friend'),
Column(ColumnType.STRING, 'Attending')])
updated_dataset = datasets.update(dataset['id'], update)"Updated DataSet {}: {}".format(updated_dataset['id'],
# Import Data from a string
csv_upload = '"Pythagoras","FALSE"\n"Alan Turing","TRUE"\n' \
'"George Boole","TRUE"'
datasets.data_import(dataset['id'], csv_upload)"Uploaded data to DataSet " + dataset['id'])
# Export Data to a string
include_csv_header = True
csv_download = datasets.data_export(dataset['id'], include_csv_header)"Downloaded data from DataSet {}:\n{}".format(
dataset['id'], csv_download))
# Export Data to a file (also returns a readable/writable file object)
csv_file_path = './math.csv'
include_csv_header = True
csv_file = datasets.data_export_to_file(dataset['id'], csv_file_path,
csv_file.close()"Downloaded data as a file from DataSet {}".format(
# Import Data from a file
csv_file_path = './math.csv'
datasets.data_import_from_file(dataset['id'], csv_file_path)"Uploaded data from a file to DataSet {}".format(
# Personalized Data Policies (PDPs)
# Build a Policy Filter (hide sensitive columns/values from users)
pdp_filter = PolicyFilter()
pdp_filter.column = 'Attending' # The DataSet column to filter on
pdp_filter.operator = FilterOperator.EQUALS
pdp_filter.values = ['TRUE'] # The DataSet row value to filter on
# Build the Personalized Data Policy (PDP)
pdp_request = Policy() = 'Only show friends attending the party'
# A single PDP can contain multiple filters
pdp_request.filters = [pdp_filter]
pdp_request.type = PolicyType.USER
# The affected user ids (restricted access by filter)
pdp_request.users = [998, 999]
# The affected group ids (restricted access by filter)
pdp_request.groups = [99, 100]
# Create the PDP
pdp = datasets.create_pdp(dataset['id'], pdp_request)"Created a Personalized Data Policy (PDP): "
"{}, id: {}".format(pdp['name'], pdp['id']))
# Get a Personalized Data Policy (PDP)
pdp = datasets.get_pdp(dataset['id'], pdp['id'])"Retrieved a Personalized Data Policy (PDP):"
" {}, id: {}".format(pdp['name'], pdp['id']))
# List Personalized Data Policies (PDP)
pdp_list = datasets.list_pdps(dataset['id'])"Retrieved a list containing {} PDP(s) for DataSet {}"
.format(len(pdp_list), dataset['id']))
# Update a Personalized Data Policy (PDP)
# Negate the previous filter (logical NOT). Note that in this case you
# must treat the object as a dictionary - `pdp_filter.not` is invalid
# syntax.
pdp_filter['not'] = True = 'Only show friends not attending the party'
# A single PDP can contain multiple filters
pdp_request.filters = [pdp_filter]
pdp = datasets.update_pdp(dataset['id'], pdp['id'], pdp_request)"Updated a Personalized Data Policy (PDP): {}, id: {}"
.format(pdp['name'], pdp['id']))
# Delete a Personalized Data Policy (PDP)
datasets.delete_pdp(dataset['id'], pdp['id'])"Deleted a Personalized Data Policy (PDP): {}, id: {}"
.format(pdp['name'], pdp['id']))
# Delete a DataSet
datasets.delete(dataset['id'])"Deleted DataSet {}".format(dataset['id']))