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a641cab Aug 15, 2017
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from pydomo.datasets import DataSetRequest, Schema, Column, ColumnType
from pydomo.streams import UpdateMethod, CreateStreamRequest
def streams(domo):
'''Streams are useful for uploading massive data sources in
chunks, in parallel. They are also useful with data sources that
are constantly changing/growing.
Streams Docs:
'''"\n**** Domo API - Stream Examples ****\n")
streams = domo.streams
# Define a DataSet Schema to populate the Stream Request
dsr = DataSetRequest() = 'Leonhard Euler Party'
dsr.description = 'Mathematician Guest List'
dsr.schema = Schema([Column(ColumnType.STRING, 'Friend'),
Column(ColumnType.STRING, 'Attending')])
# Build a Stream Request
stream_request = CreateStreamRequest(dsr, UpdateMethod.APPEND)
# Create a Stream w/DataSet
stream = streams.create(stream_request)"Created Stream {} containing the new DataSet {}"
.format(stream['id'], stream['dataSet']['id']))
# Get a Stream's metadata
retrieved_stream = streams.get(stream['id'])"Retrieved Stream {} containing DataSet {}".format(
retrieved_stream['id'], retrieved_stream['dataSet']['id']))
# List Streams
limit = 1000
offset = 0
stream_list = streams.list(limit, offset)"Retrieved a list containing {} Stream(s)".format(
# Update a Stream's metadata
stream_update = CreateStreamRequest(dsr, UpdateMethod.REPLACE)
updated_stream = streams.update(retrieved_stream['id'], stream_update)"Updated Stream {} to update method: {}".format(
updated_stream['id'], updated_stream['updateMethod']))
# Search for Streams
stream_property = '' +
searched_streams ="Stream search: there are {} Stream(s) with the DataSet "
"title: {}".format(len(searched_streams),
# Create an Execution (Begin an upload process)
execution = streams.create_execution(stream['id'])"Created Execution {} for Stream {}".format(
execution['id'], stream['id']))
# Get an Execution
retrieved_execution = streams.get_execution(stream['id'],
execution['id'])"Retrieved Execution with id: {}".format(
# List Executions
execution_list = streams.list_executions(stream['id'], limit, offset)"Retrieved a list containing {} Execution(s)".format(
# Upload Data: Multiple Parts can be uploaded in parallel
part = 1
csv = '"Pythagoras","FALSE"\n"Alan Turing","TRUE"'
execution = streams.upload_part(stream['id'], execution['id'],
part, csv)
part = 2
csv = '"George Boole","TRUE"'
execution = streams.upload_part(stream['id'], execution['id'],
part, csv)
# Commit the execution (End an upload process)
# Executions/commits are NOT atomic
committed_execution = streams.commit_execution(stream['id'],
execution['id'])"Committed Execution {} on Stream {}".format(
committed_execution['id'], stream['id']))
# Abort a specific Execution
execution = streams.create_execution(stream['id'])
aborted_execution = streams.abort_execution(stream['id'],
execution['id'])"Aborted Execution {} on Stream {}".format(
aborted_execution['id'], stream['id']))
# Abort any Execution on a given Stream
streams.abort_current_execution(stream['id'])"Aborted Executions on Stream {}".format(
# Delete a Stream
streams.delete(stream['id'])"Deleted Stream {}; the associated DataSet must be "
"deleted separately".format(stream['id']))
# Delete the associated DataSet