Aggregation and validation of statements about climate change
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Climate Goggles

-- protect your brain from climate fiction

How to use

Version 1



Just in case you have no idea how to get going here are the required commands for Ubuntu:

git clone
sudo apt-get install python python-pip python-dev sqlite3
sudo pip install django
sudo pip install beautifulsoup
sudo pip install lxml
cd validitychecker/www/
python syncdb --noinput
python runserver

Version 2


* not necessary for development

Full list of required Python packages can be found in www/requirements.txt. Install them with:

pip install -r www/requirements.txt


This Version requires a little bit more work that version 1 since it is more powerful.

git clone
git co develop
sudo apt-get install python python-pip python-dev sqlite3 redis memcached nginx
# use virtualenv if possible!
pip install -r requirements.txt 
cd validitychecker/www/bin/
python syncdb --noinput
python migrate

Or you can use Fabric (if you have Fabric and Python preinstalled)

git clone
git co develop
# use virtualenv if possible!
fab install


Run these three command in different sessions on your command line

# start redis
redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf
# or: fab run_redis

# run celery
python celeryd -E -B -l INFO
# or: fab run_celeryd

# run django
python runserver
# or: fab run_django

Monitor celery tasks

# on the command line
python celeryev --frequency=1.0

# run celerycam for monitoring tasks in django admin
python celerycam
# or: fab celerycam

Run tests

To run all tests

python test validitychecker
# or: fab test

Or if you want to run a specific test

python test validitychecker.TestClass
# or: fab test:TestClass

Update the language files (in this case for German)

python bin/ makemessages -l de
#or: fab collect_messages

Then you can go to /rosetta to translate the application.


No Fabric task for that yet. Do it yourself.


To see all Fabric tasks, use fab -l in the www directory.


  • It is difficult for normal people to classify the background of scientific statements and what is serious.
  • Climate change is a very complex subject with a lot of misinformation circulating.
  • This misinformation creates uncertainty.
  • Some incorrect information is scattered by climate skeptics, with the aim to sow doubt and ultimately to prevent climate protection.
  • Problem definition


  • Sorting and ranking scientific papers is hard
  • Scientific papers are written in technical language
  • Few resources provide proper APIs


User expierience

  • The user experience is designed to be simple

  • Seamless browser integration with Greasemonkey script

  • Available in English and German
  • Adaptive Design for smaller screen sizes

Remaining issues

  • Register for the ISI Web of Knowledge API and implement the hooks
  • Digestible article summaries





Stuff we used