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+Contributing to Domoticz
+Thanks for considering to contribute to the Domoticz Development!
+Here are a few tips to help you get started:
+### Contributing New Hardware to Domoticz
+Please consult
+for the steps and instructions on how to add new hardware to Domoticz
+### Fixing Bugs
+Please base your bug fixes against the master branch. The master branch is
+considered the stable and is used for our releases.
+Please also use a descriptive commit message
+### Contributing new Features
+Our advise before starting work on new features for Domoticz, is that you discuss
+your ideas on the forum. This helps ensure that your enhancements
+will fits in with our direction for Domoticz, as well as meets a few requirements
+around our API and designs of the library interface.
+All changes should be based against the master branch, unless advised by a
+Maintainer to use a different branch.
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+### Issue Guidelines
+Before opening a new issue, please review the following:
+* The Github Issues is for Domoticz CODE Bugs only. Please do not use this for general questions, howto, or this is not working conversations. If you have a question, please post to our forum at
+* Please use the search feature to see if your issues have been raised or addressed first.
+* First try to update to the latest beta version.
+* Always state your version when reporting code related issues
+* Often we will require Log Files and Screenshots to help diagnose the issue.

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