The CSS font-variant property is not supported #177

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PhenX commented Dec 6, 2012

Original author: fabien.menager (August 04, 2010 21:41:35)

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Use a style with font-variant: small-caps

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
text in "small-caps"
the text is in "normal" font variant

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The lowercase chars should be drawn in uppercase with a size like 70% or the original size.

Original issue:

Hi! did you solved this issue? I really need small caps!


bsweeney commented Feb 22, 2013

We do not currently have a solution for this. You'll have to manually simulate small caps by doing something like: W<span style="text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 70%;">at</span>, or just W<span style="font-size: 70%">at</span>. Unfortunately, you can't just replace the small caps styling with the above because upper-case letters would be similarly affected.


bsweeney commented Feb 22, 2013

Just a follow-up comment about implementation. Performing a transform and size reduction should work fine. Ideally we'll be able to eventually detect when a font supports this variant and utilize the native support.

Font support appears to come by two methods: as a separate font variant file and as a built-in option (e.g. in OpenType). For fonts that use separate files for each variant updating the font handling to support this should be trivial. For OpenType fonts where variants are all stored in a single file some special handling will be required.

I suggest we add support for the small caps variant by first building in support for additional font variant files combined with text-transform/scaling for fonts without the necessary variant. We can explore supporting the built-in support of OpenType for a future release.

@bsweeney bsweeney referenced this issue in PhenX/php-font-lib Feb 17, 2016


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